Fixing Your Car Bruises with Dent Repair

One of the many disadvantages of getting into a road accident, aside from the injuries you sustain, is the effect collisions often have on your car. Car bruises are unsightly. They detract from the visual appeal and value of your ride.

Two Kinds of Dent Repair

One way to get rid of them is through dent repair. This can go in two ways. There’s dent solution that matches the new paint to your old one. It’s much more expensive and the service takes a few days or weeks, especially if the dent is thin and deep. Then there’s the paintless dent repair, which provides faster solutions. You only need about a day to get the repair done. Also, there’s no need to worry about matching the paint because you won’t need it. This kind of repair job is ideal for shallow and big dents that are easy to pop out.

Why It Doesn’t Crack the Paint

These days, there are flex agents in the paint, so you won’t have to worry that applying a coat of paint will ruin the factory finish of your ride and therefore affect its resale value, in case you want to sell it off in the future.

Consult with Experts

You’ll need to take your car to the nearest repair dent repair center in Denver to determine whether it’s a good candidate for PDR or if you need to go to the trouble of longer dent repair. With the help of an expert, you can get free estimates, says BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision Repair, and easily figure out if your car’s bruises can go away with ease or after weeks-long service.

If you have bad dents on your ride and you’re looking for a way to get rid of those marks and restore your car to its former glory, get dent repair experts to help you out.

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