Fix Your Wrecked Vehicle Using Expert Frame And Collision Repair in New Jersey

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Automotive

For most people, the purchase of an automobile is a major investment. Even with excellent insurance coverage to handle collision repair costs or the replacement a totaled vehicle, most people would prefer to keep the car or truck that they are familiar with. Unfortunately, not every collision will allow this because many insurance companies don’t want to cover the expense of major Frame and Collision Repair in New Jersey. This doesn’t mean that extensive damage can’t be fixed, just that most insurance adjusters may decide it is more cost effective to replace the vehicle. On the other hand, there are some repairs that simply aren’t possible.

Frame will depend on how badly the vehicle is damaged and where. For instance, if the vehicle’s frame has severe damage, then even the best experts can’t straighten things out. However, if the frame damage is close to the axle or front end, then your repair options improve. For vehicles that have a separate frame, the mechanic may be able to heat and shape the damaged area or cut away and replace the bent portions. Expert body and frame specialists such as Franks Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc. can examine the damage and determine whether repairs are possible.

There are many types of collisions and the way that they damage your vehicle will vary. For example, a side collision can damage doors, quarter panels, fender wells and more. A really heavy side impact can warp the frame making most repairs extremely difficult. Fender and wheel well repairs will depend on where the damage is located. Rear quarter panels aren’t usually removable which means that the mechanic may need to cut away any damage and splice in new metal.

Sometimes, the easiest repairs are those that damage the front clip. Most vehicles are designed so that the front fenders, bumper and other parts are easily removed. This makes the majority of front-end collisions easier to fix. However, it is possible for this type of accident to bend the front of the frame where the steering linkages are. If the problem isn’t fixed, the vehicle may handle incorrectly. You can often see this sort of problem when following a damaged vehicle because the car or truck looks slightly askew when moving down the road. To learn more about Frame And Collision Repair in New Jersey.

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