Donating Versus Selling Your Car

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Automotive

Your car belongs to you. Therefore, you may do with it as you wish. The time may have come that your car needs so many repairs that it no longer benefits you. The situation may force you to decide your vehicle‘s fate earlier than you thought you would have to. You have at least two choices for such a vehicle: donating or junking.

Donating Your Car

Many people in the world need cars. If you donate your vehicle, it may go to a church, domestic violence organization or another facility that helps needy people acquire cars. Such an organization will most likely have the resources and auto parts in; Chicago Il to fix the car before they give it to the recipient. You can improve the quality of someone else’s life by giving them your vehicle as a gift. If you donate, you’ll feel good about what you‘re doing, and you’ll get to claim a deduction on your taxes for it.

Junking Your Car

If you junk your car, you will sell it to an interested party who will then do what they please with the vehicle. That party can smash it, fix it, or use it as an auto parts display car in Chicago Il. You will receive cash right away, and you can use the cash for bills, down payments or sheer pleasure. The choice is yours. If the car doesn‘t run, you can have the buyer pick it up for you and remove the potential for hassle from your life. You won’t get the same joy you’ll get out of giving the car to someone, but you can improve your quality of life if you need to.

New Cats Auto Parts can assist you if you would like to junk your car. You can receive an immediate cash purchase for your junk vehicle and use the funds for any purpose.

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