Dealing with Car Dealers San Luis Obispo

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Automotive

At some point in our lives most of us will be in the market for a car, and when we are we will no doubt visit a car dealer to buy a car. Car dealers tend to have a bad reputation, especially used car dealers. Much of the bad reputation about car dealers come from what is perceived as either them being pushy – as soon as you walk on the lot they surround you like sharks – or you feel you can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. They are either exaggerating or withholding necessary information.Whatever pre-conceived ideas you have about car dealers, they are a necessary part in buying a vehicle. And they are only trying to do their job, which is selling you a vehicle, which is the main reason you’re talking to them in the first place.

Car Dealers San Luis Obispo are in a contract with the manufacturer of the car. For example, Buick manufacturers Buick vehicles so you visit a Buick dealership the car dealers are required, under contract with Buick, to sell vehicles, and a certain amount at that. Therefore, the car dealer has to hire sales people to do the hard work. That is, they are hired to convince you that not only do you want a particular type of vehicle, but you need it. These sales people usually have a quota they have to make by the end of the month and are pretty much under pressure to sell vehicles to the first person they see.

Car Dealers in San Luis Obispo has an advantage over an individual because they have a large variety of vehicles to offer you. Car dealers have different styles, colors, shapes, and prices of the type of vehicle you are interested in. Car dealers will also provide different financing options; whereas, an individual will not be able to provide financing. To avoid buying a car you really don’t want or buying a car before you are ready, make sure you know what make, model and year you want before you visit a car dealer. Know beforehand what you can afford and what you are looking for in a car. Don’t let the sales person talk you into anything since you are the one that has to pay for it and drive it.


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