Car Rental in Covington, LA Lists Car Prepping Tips for Springtime

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Auto

If you’ve been a motorist in Louisiana for many years, you should know that change in season doesn’t make the road any less unforgiving for most vehicles. If your car is not in good condition when you hit the road, expect to face the same risks as you would when driving on an icy road. That’s why you should perform a maintenance check on your car at least every six months and ensure that one of those sessions is scheduled right after winter. Whether it’s a brand new vehicle that you own or you got it from a car rental in Covington, LA, chances are it has sustained damage during winter. It needs a tune-up in preparation for spring and this is how you should do it.

Put the Regular Tires Back On

Tire change is among the most tedious steps in getting a vehicle ready for spring. But it needs to be done, or else you will have trouble driving on a dry road with studded tires. It’s also very likely that your winter tires are already heavily worn down and continuing to use them in spring might be risky. Don’t forget to check the alignment and pressure of the tires as well as. They are crucial in maintaining a smooth ride and preventing suspension issues.

Check for Corrosion on the Brakes

Car brakes consist of metal shavings, particularly copper and steel. They may not rust when exposed to moisture, but other chemicals and substances such as the salt sprinkled on icy roads during winter may have a harsher effect on them. Before driving your car on the first day of spring, make sure your brakes still have sufficient grip and all other components are corrosion-free.

You May Need New Wiper Blades

Check your wiper blades for wear and damage. They’ve been working hard keeping your windshield clear of snow throughout winter. You never use them as frequently and hard for the rest of the year, so it’s very likely that they are no longer in the ideal shape to serve you in spring. Even in this season, Covington can be wet and cloudy, and you need those wiper blades more than you think.

Hose Off the Undercarriage

Your car’s brakes are not the only parts that collect salt and grime during winter, but the chassis as well. In fact, the entire undercarriage is prone to all sorts of impurities throughout winter. See that you hose off the undercarriage to remove all the particles that might corrode the exposed parts in the base assembly. Remember that most of the sensors that make up your car’s safety features are also found within the undercarriage so make sure it’s free of harsh substances.

Take Your Vehicle to a Service Center

Perhaps the best way to prepare your vehicle for the spring hustle is to have it looked at and maintained at a service center. Ask for recommendations from experts in car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that you know. They can help you find the best service center in town. With professional maintenance, you won’t just restore your car’s performance and condition, but you can also identify issues that need immediate fixing. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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