5 Reasons to Get an Oil Change in Centennial CO

Regular oil changes are one of the best things a driver can do to extend a car’s lifespan and reduce the chances of an expensive breakdown. When included in a comprehensive maintenance package, oil changes can keep a vehicle running efficiently and smoothly. At Saul’s Autotek, an oil change in Centennial CO is a simple, quick service where a tech will not only change the vehicle’s oil; they’ll look for other signs of trouble. Whether the car is brand new or still going after 300,000 miles, regular oil changes have the following benefits.

Better Engine Performance

Regular oil changes help to keep the engine’s internal components properly lubricated and working as they should. With well-lubricated parts, the engine will offer a quieter, smoother ride.

Prevention of Debris and Dirt Buildup

Old motor oil contains a high percentage of debris and dirt, which can damage delicate parts of the engine. Changing oil and the oil filter will keep particulates out of the engine and protect it from harm. The higher-quality the oil, the cleaner the engine’s internals will be.

Better Fuel Economy

Every driver wants better gas mileage, and regular oil changes can help them get it. By improving engine lubrication, clean motor oil reduces the friction that can slow the engine and lead to more frequent fill-ups. With an oil change in Centennial CO, the driver’s wallet will thank them.

Reduced Emissions

Older vehicles often burn dirty old oil, causing excess emissions. Fresh oil isn’t as susceptible to burning, and it is better able to absorb particulate matter, reducing the vehicle’s emissions.

Longer Engine Life

A vehicle will stay on the road for longer if it receives regular oil changes. Keeping engine oil fresh and clean is the most effective way to protect the engine from damage caused by debris and dirt. To save frustration, money and time, periodic oil changes are an investment in the life of the car.

While most vehicles can go upwards of 5000 miles between oil changes, they’re still an important part of an overall vehicle maintenance program. If a car is overdue for its next oil change, the driver can bring it in today to get things squared away.

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