4 Must-Do Things Before Road-Tripping in Your Kia Around Santa Fe, NM

Going on a road trip is more fun than traveling via public transportation. You’re free to choose where to go and how long you can stay. You can even add more days and places to your itinerary if you feel like it. But there’s a catch—you have to ensure your vehicle is in tiptop shape during the entire trip. After all, it’s your only ticket to a safe and fun journey. Remember these tips if you’re road-tripping in your Kia around Santa Fe, NM.

Double down on safety

Whether you’re crossing the White Sands National Park via the eight-mile Dune Drive or venturing into the alien enthusiasts’ favorite, Roswell, road safety should be your top priority. You never know when you need to swerve suddenly or bring your car to a full stop. When situations like that transpire, your first line of defense is a fully functioning set of brakes. Do a brake check, and if your brakes aren’t at optimal health, don’t hesitate to replace the fluid and pads.

Orange and red should show

Some car problems are hard to identify and there’s almost no way to tell if they are serious or not. Even worse, they might occur suddenly and in the worst possible time. That’s why your dashboard has warning lights to give you a hint of what went wrong and what’s the best course of action. Orange light means the engine management system has detected a problem, which may not be severe but should be looked at, while red light means an emergency and repair can’t wait. Make sure these two warning lights show when they’re supposed to, so you’ll know how to react.

Rotate or replace the tires

Roads are hottest during summer. Check if your tires still have enough rubber and tread to handle the heat. If they have uneven wear, it could mean a number of things, including misalignment or bad driving habits. You can choose to rotate the tires to maximize the thick sides of your tires or to replace them altogether. However, it is best to replace them with summer tires, which have deeper grooves and more tread to have a better grip on the road.

Give the radiator a nice boost

Summer heat can get into your engine and raise temperatures. This could lead to overheating and a slew of other severe issues. The only thing that keeps heat in your engine under control is the radiator. You can avoid overheating if your radiator is working at optimal levels, which means there should be no dust buildup blocking the heat transfer. Give your radiator a nice clean and replenish it with new coolant. If possible, also check the coolant filter for debris deposits. Keeping the system clean helps maintain proper heat transfer.

If you think you don’t have the resources to give your vehicle a detailed check, why not take it to a service center? They have the proper facility and well-trained mechanics onsite. By using a professional car service, you can travel in your Kia around Santa Fe, NM worry-free. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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