4 Helpful Fleet Management Strategies

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Car Fleet Leasing

Fleet managers are always striving to have more effective tools at their disposal to do their jobs. As this is a complex and complicated role, focusing in on just the big picture or just the details is never effective on its own.

Instead, incorporating four essential fleet management strategies as four goals, with individual detailed objectives to achieve those goals provides both detail and broad scope for any fleet manager.

Managing Costs

Most fleet management strategies are going to focus on managing the continuing rise in the cost of managing and operating a fleet. Ideas such as moving from owning to full fleet leasing, choosing more fuel efficient vehicles, implementing better management and supervision of drivers and routes can all be objectives until the big goal.

Vehicle Selection

Efficiency and cost savings start with making the best choices in vehicles when replacing existing fleet cars, trucks or vans. Taking the time to research different models and options and to consider fuel consumption, mileage, life cycle and the ability to customize the vehicle at a low cost will also be factors.

Improving Safety

One of the most important fleet management strategies is the ongoing training and management of safety for drivers. When proactive programs are put in place to help drivers to understand driver safety as well as how to safely operate vehicles, costs can be lowered for repairs and replacements as well as for insurance.

Fleet Management in the Business

The fourth strategy is really a company approach to efficiency and effectiveness. It is important for fleet management to become a part of the management team and not just a department in the company.

When the fleet manager is able to understand the changes in the company and the business model the fleet can respond accordingly, building in higher performance, lower costs and a more streamlined overall business operation.

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