3 Myths About Used Cars For Sale

First-time car buyers are often given a lot of advice from friends and family about purchasing a vehicle. Unfortunately, some of this advice is misleading, particularly when it comes to buying used cars for sale from established dealerships in and around the Cherry Hill, NJ, area.

Recognizing these myths and understanding the truth helps first-time car buyers to get a great deal on used cars for sale that are dependable, high quality, and offer an exceptional driving experience.

Myth: All Used Cars Have Problems

Many used vehicles on dealership lots around Cherry Hill, NJ, have been well-maintained and have never been in an accident or had a major system problem. Choosing certified pre-owned cars from a dealership means the vehicles are low mileage, newer models, and fully inspected. They also come with a warranty and roadside assistance, similar to a new vehicle.

Myth: Used Cars Do Not Hold Value

The reality is those top models and makes of vehicles, including used cars for sale Cherry Hill NJ, hold their value over time compared to the economy vehicles on the lot. In addition, used vehicles have limited or no depreciation, which is not the same as new vehicles that lose up to 30% of their value after the first year.

Myth: Used Cars Lack Technology and Safety Features

Choosing newer model used or certified pre-owned vehicles allows the buyer to have most or all of the features found on the new models on the lot. Shopping different models of used vehicles on the lot allows you to pick and choose the features you want on your next car.

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