3 Marketing Techniques That Can Help Your Dealership

Are you having trouble getting noticed online? Are your leads failing to turn into sales? Do you feel like you should be doing more to impress potential customers? Because maybe, just maybe, that means you’re in for a little update to your online marketing strategy.

Your customers are online: that’s a fact. As per Statista, 205 million Americans were digital shoppers in 2015, in a country of 320 million. That’s nearly 65 percent of the country’s population, and for good reason.

If so many people are browsing the web, it’s your job to make them realize you’re their best bet at getting a car online, versus your competition. And here are three ways how:

Get Yourself Seen

Most people, when they want to look something up, head onto a search engine. These search engines are based on algorithms that sort through websites based on a number of criteria: popularity, reputation, keywords, relevance and more. The exact way websites are found online is a mystery, and a trade secret – but through search engine optimization, you can make damn sure that online search engines pick you over local competitors.

Talk to the Crowd

The Internet makes it very easy to talk to people – whether that means through your website, on social media, or even through email. Automotive dealership email marketing works, if you’re dealing with a reputable marketing company like iPitCrew. While spamming email addresses no longer works, voluntary newsletters are a great way to get potential and de facto customers to come back and check your website out.

Go Visual

Video marketing is another way to attract eyeballs. Not only do search engines like video, but people like video as well. With a few simple, short commercials and informative clips, you can set yourself apart from the competition with a higher level of quality and commitment to selling your brand.

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