Warranties and Preventative Maintenance At An Auto Shop in Brighton, NY

If you have a vehicle, it’s important to know how and when to have it serviced. In order to make sure you car lasts, you’ll need to perform preventative maintenance, take it in for servicing, and drive carefully while on the road. The following are some basic warranty and maintenance tips you should have in mind.

Are you aware of the details pertaining to your vehicle’s warranty? Unfortunately, most drivers aren’t, and this can cause problems down the line. If it’s a new car, warranties are backed by the manufacturer. Pre-owned vehicles have warranties backed by the local dealership, unless they’re certified used cars, and then their warranties are with the manufacturer once again. Warranties have their limitations, and will either expire due to age or due to the mileage of the vehicle. If your warranty expires, you can take it to an Auto Shop in Brighton, NY.

Know what your warranty covers on your vehicle. Some vehicles only come with powertrain warranties, which only cover a select group of parts on the vehicle. Buyers would have much more protection with bumper-to-bumper warranties. Although it might be self-explanatory, bumper-to-bumper warranties cover basically any and all problems with the vehicle.

Aside from the warranty you car needs to you to help protect it. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid having major and expensive work done. Pay attention to troubling signs in your car’s performance. For instance, a faint burning smell could mean that there’s an oil leak, or that your vehicle’s transmission needs more transmission fluid. Don’t avoid signs like this. Your transmission is very important, and without enough oil it could burn itself up.

Examine the way your vehicle handles on the road. More specifically, pay attention to any noises made upon coming to a stop. When vehicles make a screeching noise when stopping it usually means the brake pads are going bad. When the brake pads wear down the metal of the brakes rub against the metal of the rotors. The longer you wait to visit an Auto Shop in Brighton, NY the louder the screeching will become.

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