Tips For Making The Most Of Auto Salvage Yards In Phoenix

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Automotive

There are several different options when it comes to auto salvage yards in Phoenix. You will find some that are not much more than somewhat organized wrecking yards where cars and wrecks of all states of disrepair and damage are haphazardly lined up in rows. Basically these are the “bring your own tools and do your own work” types of wrecking yards.

You may also find some auto salvage yards in Phoenix that offer a more helpful approach. These will allow you to bring your own tools or use theirs, or they may also offer help in removing and moving some of the bigger parts from their inventory.

Then, if you keep looking through the auto salvage yards in Phoenix you will find a true full service yard. This is run almost like a parts department where you can browse parts inventory online and then simply go down and pick it up.

Full Service versus Do It Yourself

The major benefit to the top full service auto salvage yards in Phoenix is that the parts that you buy are tested and warranted for 90 days for parts failure. This gives you added protection over what you will find from a pick a part type of service where it is really buyer beware with no parts testing or warranty.

Saves Time

Working to remove parts, especially the engine, transmission and larger parts is never easy in a wrecking yard. You don’t have the tools you need and you often don’t have the space either.

By using full service auto salvage yards in Phoenix all you need to do is drive in and pick it up. They will even help you load the parts and ensure that you have everything you need.

Top auto salvage yards in Phoenix are also involved in recycling programs to help to cut down on the number of wrecked and written off vehicles that end up filling up garbage dumps throughout the country. By reusing parts it also cuts down on the demand for new parts, helping to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

If you haven’t considered using full service auto salvage yards in Phoenix you need to think again. To get a better idea of all that they offer visit and browse the site.


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