The Importance of the K9 Dog to Law Enforcement

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Vehicles

One of the most significant members of law enforcement is the dedicated K9 cop. There are many tasks and responsibilities set in place for these dogs and they are highly trained to accomplish these tasks successfully. In exchange for their commitment and dedication to the force and the community, it is imperative that they are cared for and given the proper attention in order to thrive as a law enforcement officer. The K9 undergoes extensive training to instruct them on obedience for the law and their partner. They are taught to obey verbal commands and hand gestures of the handler to which they are assigned. Respect is a very important part of the relationship between the dog and the handler as part of their commitment to serve. Officers are often placed in very dangerous scenarios and it’s important that the dog knows how to react during these type of incidents.

K9 Care

There are certain measures that must be taken in order to assure that the K9 police dog is always taken care of and in the best of shape. Exercise, proper nutrition and ongoing training are the core essentials for a K9 to live a healthy life of service in law enforcement. Officers who are paired with a K9 ultimately become attached and can’t imagine the unfortunate occurrence of something happening to hurt or harm him. Officers go to the extreme to make sure their K9 partner has the best training, the best quality care and there are ways to implement safety precautions beyond the attention. One important tool is the K9 heat alarm that helps to protect against injury or death as a result of high temperatures inside of the cruiser. This and other protective measures are an important part of K9 care.

K9 Service

There are many areas of service that the K9 is used for added enforcement of the law. The responsibilities and duties they carry can become overwhelming and therefore it is crucial to take care of the needs of the dog. They are used in tracking efforts for finding missing people, evidence in criminal cases and other matters. In many cases, K9 police dogs are instrumental in detecting certain wildlife and are capable of searching large areas of land or property. These are only a few of the services that the K9 provides among many other important tasks that lead to safe and secure environments.

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