The Advantages of Independent BMW Repair in San Jose

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Repair and Service

The BMW brand is synonomous with luxury and class. BMW drivers know that the key to keeping thier luxury car running great, is routine maintenance and repair. From simple repairs like oil changes and spark plug replacement, to more complex tasks like changing a timing belt or intake manifold, professional BMW Repair in San Jose is available to take care of all your service needs. It is a well known fact that luxury cars have very specific service requirements. For most luxury cars, this means that maintenance can be very expensive. However, BMW offers a comprehensive maintenance program for new BMW owners that make basic repairs more affordable. In addition, more and more independent service centers are now offering the same quality factory services that BMW dealers provide at a fraction of the cost.  Routine service work performed by an independent service center should not void your dealer warranty. However, drivers should always review their user manual and warranty materials before entering into a relationship with an independent BMW service provider.

Building a relationship with an independent BMW service provider offers many advantages. Reputable independent service centers like BR Racing provide trusted BMW Repair in San Jose at affordable prices. Labor costs for service work performed by an independent service center are typically 50 to 60% lower than BMW dealer rates. Drivers can save an average of 20% on original equipment manufacturer replacement parts as well. A reputable dealer will warranty their work, just like a dealer would, and even offer customized maintenance packages. Independent service centers generally also have better and more convenient hours than dealership garages. Unlike with dealer garages, extended evening hours and weekend hours are usually available. Independent BMW repair centers are convenient, and outnumber BMW dealer garages – making them closer for most drivers to get to.

Performing repairs on a BMW or other luxury vehicle requires a special set of skills. Most luxury independent repair center technicians have been well trained to deal with your specific make and model of car. Most independent centers are in fact operated by technicians with years of dealer experience that the customer then benefits from.

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