Stop Paying Too Much for Brakes and Brake Pads Grand Junction CO

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Automotive

Automotive brakes convert the car’s kinetic energy to thermal energy by friction. The two pads inside the brakes are squeezed together into a spinning rotor. That friction slows the rotor, which in turn stops or slows the vehicle. This frequent, high-speed friction is why pads must be maintained and regularly replaced.

Properly maintained Brakes And Brake Pads Grand Junction CO should last thousands of miles before needing replacement, even in the challenging terrain around Grand Junction. Most newer cars have wear indicators to warn drivers when the pads are worn. The indicator is usually a small piece of metal in the brake pad that contacts the rotor as the pad wears down, causing a squealing noise when the brakes are applied. Some luxury cars have an electronic sensor to indicate replacement. Failure to heed these signals promptly can result in damaged rotors, much more expensive repairs or even collisions.

The average car will need three brake jobs throughout its life. It’s worth the effort to find a good, trustworthy shop to take care of all the car’s brake needs rather than skipping around to different ones. The best brake shops use top-quality brakes and brake pads from respected brands like Bendex, NAPA/United, Motorcraft, Wagner, Raybestos, Hawk, Akebono, ACDelco, Centric, and Monroe. Good shops will quote a reasonably firm price over the phone. Customers should make sure the estimate includes machining rotors, replacing slide pins, installing pads, cleaning and lubricating parts, checking the whole brake system, and road-testing. Click here for more details.

Another sign of a quality shop is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Having at least several ASE-certified technicians or master technicians means customers are in good hands. It is smart to check online reviews of various shops in and around Grand Junction, Colorado. Customers should also ask friends, co-workers, and neighbors for recommendations on who to use (or avoid).

Many good shops, such as Scotty Muffler at Sitename, offer much more than Brakes And Brake pads Grand Junction CO. Quality automotive work is a long-lasting customer relationship, so they also offer other services such as oil changes, inspections, cooling system repairs, transmission service, tune-ups, body detailing, and so on.

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