Say What You Mean with Vehicle Lettering in Watauga, TX

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Automotive

Get the right services for your car when you buy vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX. Too many car owners go for a font, or style of letter, that looks good all on its own. They don’t consider whether or not people will be able to read the lettering on their cars after their full message is installed. Stick to the following trusted auto fonts to get your point across:

San-Serif Fonts Rock the Road

If you look at the difference between Arial and Times New Roman, you will notice the former lacks those special touches on the edges of letters. The A, for instance, comes down in two straight sticks, minus any flaring. These extra touches make vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX, less practical than san-serif fonts that go without.

Those extra touches aren’t practical because the letter tips rise and tear over time, creating a disturbing message for all who pass you by on the road. It says, “Keep driving. This isn’t a business worth remembering.” San-serif fonts, on the other hand, do a much better job of holding up to the weather. They don’t have to be boring either.

Popular San-Serif Fonts for Business Lettering

Business doesn’t have to be boring either. It’s guaranteed you can find a san-serif font that works well with your business logo and embraces the spirit of your company. Fonts like Origin, with its thin and crisp character, or careful curves of Asenine work well. San-serif fonts look chic and stylish without going overboard.

Of course, there are still some sans-serif fonts that would be difficult to read on the side of a moving van. The bolded, bunched Emmanuelle, for instance, or the crowded, too-thin lines of Tallest are a few that don’t work well at all. Some fonts are so stylistic that using them with certain businesses or organizations would send the wrong impression to customers. Lawyers, for instance, wouldn’t use No Type. Its twists and turns don’t match at all with the seriousness or confidence most firms aim to exude. Finding the right vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX, can be difficult, but with diligence and knowledge of what you want to share with the world, your auto advertising can be extremely effective.

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