Reasons to Consider Silverado Instrument Cluster Repair

If your instrument cluster isn’t working on your Silverado, you will likely not have a speedometer. This problem can be dangerous and must be fixed immediately. Instead of purchasing a new instrument cluster, consider having it repaired. There are many reasons to have your speedometer repaired on your Silverado, including avoiding tickets, selling and insurance reasons.


Though you probably aren’t thinking about it right now, there will come a time where you want to sell your Silverado. In order to do that, you will want to have a working instrument cluster, including a speedometer.

Without a speedometer, people can’t tell how fast they are going. Most potential buyers will turn away from your vehicle, even if you offer them a spectacular deal. You may end up having to sell way below the Kelley Blue Book value just to get the car off your hands, which means you don’t make any money toward a newer vehicle.

Selling your Silverado to a dealership may seem a better option, but you could be penalized heavily for having a vehicle with no working instrument cluster. You can still trade in your vehicle, but will get a very low trade-in rate.


Though most insurance companies don’t have lists of specific parts that must work, if you were in an automobile accident, the police and insurance adjusters will need to know how fast you were going. It would look awful for you if you tell them you don’t know because your speedometer was broken. In some cases, this would automatically put you at fault and you would be required to hire a company that reconstructs accident scenes. This would be very costly and may still not be able to prove you were not speeding. This could make your insurance go up and require you to pay out of pocket.

Fixing your Silverado’s instrument cluster is less expensive than dealing with insurance companies, police and more.


Speeding is against the law in all 50 states and you need to be able to glance down and see how fast you are going in all conditions. Otherwise, you could be pulled over for speeding and have to pay hefty fines.

In school and construction zones, your speeding ticket could be more severe and you would be putting the lives of others at risk. Be a responsible Silverado driver and get your instrument cluster repaired as soon as possible.

A Silverado instrument cluster that is broken should be repaired so that you and those around you are safe. Call D & D Instruments today.


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