Reasons For a Leaky Transmission Problem

by | May 15, 2013 | Automotive

Leaks cause the majority of transmission problems, and they are also a common reason for transmission repair. Repairing a leak can be as simple as tightening the pan bolts or drain plug, or it can be as complex as replacing an output seal. Below is more information on the reasons why transmissions leak.

Common Leak Causes

There are a few reasons why transmissions leak fluid. A common reason is that the pan bolts weren’t properly tightened when the transmission filter was changed. In some cases, the drain plug isn’t fully tightened after a fluid flush. In both cases, a leak can result in major damage to the internal parts of the transmission.

Besides loose plugs and bolts, many transmissions leak due to worn-out gaskets and seals. Over a period, seals and gaskets wear out, crack and fray. When this happens, transmission fluid leaks out through the area where the pan meets the transmission. Replacing a broken gasket is simple, and usually costs less than $20 for parts.

A less common reason for a leaky Transmission Problem is a faulty torque converter. This part creates pressure inside the transmission and sends fluid throughout the system. In some cases, cracks in the torque converter or bad needle bearings can cause leaks which are tough to find and expensive to fix.

Other Reasons for Transmission Leaks

Some leaks happen because of on-the-road problems. If you frequently drive down rocky roads, your transmission’s bell housing could be hit by a large rock. If the damage is severe enough, fluid will leak so fast that the vehicle is disabled. Debris and rocks can also damage fluid lines, which are normally very durable but can be punctured or cracked. If rocks damage your vehicle’s transmission, repairs are difficult and a replacement may be required.

Your vehicle’s transmission is built to stand up to years of heavy use, but it still needs occasional maintenance, and leaks can still happen. There are many reasons for a Transmission Problem, but only a few fixes. Minor leaks can be fixed within a few hours, but complex problems may necessitate the rebuilding or repair of the transmission.

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