Junk cars can offer used parts at great prices

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Used car

Junk Cars play a very important role in the automotive industry. Not only do junk and salvage yards make a business of collecting and buying old, unused and broken down vehicles to scrap them out and recycle the metal parts, but Junk Cars in Blue Island often also offer an opportunity for car owners who are looking for a specific replacement part to find the part at lower prices. Most often these junk cars are hauled or towed straight to the salvage yard and dropped off, where they sit until either being recycled or until a customer needs a part. When a customer needs a part from one of these vehicles it is common for the customer to go to the junk yard and take the part off the vehicle themselves. This also helps reduce the cost of the parts tremendously, as the junk yard staff are not having to spend extra man hours removing parts, not to mention the fact that there is no need for a large warehouse or storage facility.

When looking for Junk Cars in Blue Island residents need only pick up a local telephone book and look in the yellow pages. There are a few different junk yards to choose from, and a quick telephone call is all it takes to see if the company has the part you are looking for. There are a few important things to remember before purchasing a used part from a junk car, however. It is advisable to inquire as to whether or not the part in question has been damaged in an accident or through neglect. For some parts this is not quite as important. For instance, a spare seat belt buckle will most likely be in great condition regardless of the condition of the actual junk car. Other major parts, however, will be more vital. If a car has been junked because the engine has blown up or stopped working through neglect, there is a chance that the part you are looking for will be no good.

For this reason it is important to ask about the junk yard’s return policy. Many junkyards in Blue Island allow for a small window of time in which the customer can return the part if it is found to be defective or not working. Most of the time, however, a customer can find a usable part for a great price at these establishments from junk cars. If your old car is more of a hassle than its worth, Call New Cats Auto Parts at (773) 947-0500.

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