How To Handle Carburetor Auto Repair

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Automotive

Many of the cars and trucks on the road today are still somewhat old. And while the auto manufacturers continue to pump out new models, the prices of these vehicles can be so high that the average consumer cannot afford these machines. With so many people relying on the use of older makes and models, there are bound to be issues that come along that need to be addressed. One of those issues that an older vehicle will suffer from is carburetor trouble. The newer models of cars no longer utilize the carburetor but the older ones do. When the carburetor is not functioning correctly it can cause the vehicle to stop running or to run rough. If this has occurred in your vehicle then you already know the trouble this can bring. The following list will explain the process of repairing this trouble and getting your car back on the road quickly. Auto repair in Bermuda Dunes is a tricky endeavor but it can be tackled if you have the patience and the right tools.

The first step in the process of carburetor auto repair is to properly determine the issues you are having. One of the more common issues is a clogged jet that is no longer pushing fuel into the top of the engine. If this is the issue then you will need to replace the jest so that fuel can be properly sent into your engine. This process will require that you remove the carburetor from the intake manifold. This process is tricky and it will require that you replace the gasket between the two items. It is important that the carburetor be removed so that no screws fall into the top of the engine.

Your auto repair is now going to need to focus on dismantling the carburetor. This process will be tricky and you may need the assistance of the manual. The jets will be located in the middle of each barrel. Once you have removed the jets you can then replace them with the new jets. This process will take roughly 45 minutes to complete. While you will save considerable money doing this auto repair yourself, you will not save a great deal of time. If money is the issue then this is the way to go.

Auto repair will also require that you have the right tools for the job. The common tools for this application will be a ratchet and a few different sockets. In addition, you will also need a flat tip screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. If you do not    have these tools handy then you may need to borrow from a friend or simply allow someone else to handle your auto repair.

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