How To Find A Body Shop In Lancaster PA

by | May 9, 2013 | Automotive

No one is going to shop around for a Body Shop in Lancaster PA until they need one, so typically time is of the essence to find a shop that will do a quality job. Start by asking three shops to get a quote for the work. Compare prices, parts and labor and you will be able to pick the right mechanic for the job. By asking questions about the estimate you will also discover if you are working with an ethical workplace which is also a top criteria in finding the right place to fix your vehicle.

If you visit at least three shops you will notice that prices between all of them are going to be different. The biggest disparity in prices will come from labor and overhead. For instance, if you have visited a body shop in a part of town that has to pay a high rent, they are going to charge more for the overhead in their location. Going to an upscale mechanic does not mean that they do better work necessarily, so it is important to ask more about the services.

After you receive your quote get ready to ask a lot of questions. What type of parts do they use? Most dealership service departments will use the same parts that your car was built with directly from the manufacturer. While this is suppose to be a standard practice to use original equipment manufacturers, or OEM’s, that is also a very expensive route to take. Find out what parts a shop is using and the price for those parts. This is an easy way to evaluate a Body Shop Lancaster PA quote.

Lastly, in dealing with a body repair shop in Lancaster PA ask about the pricing and how they get a majority of their business. Are you getting a quote from an auto body shop that your insurance adjuster requested? Insurance business is about 85% of the work that a shop will do and there are ways that a shop can pad the estimate to get more money from the insured. When you do a line by line check of the estimate and compare it with other body shops you will uncover if the shop is giving you an ethical quote.

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