Hints on car air-conditioning maintenance

Years ago, having air-conditioning in an automobile was considered a great luxury; today car air conditioning in Fargo ND is as standard as a rear-view mirror. Although it is recommended that a certified technician make any major repairs should the system fail, it is always helpful that you, as the vehicle operator, know what to look and listen for.

Automobile manufacturers usually suggest that the air-conditioning system be fully serviced on two-year intervals. This service would include changing the refrigerant, full lubrication and a system-wide leak test. During this two-year period the refrigerant will have escaped, this is because it is designed to leak. The engine of the car vibrates, the piping moves and the seals expand and contract, all of which allows for a certain leakage. As the refrigerant leaks, the performance of the system degrades.

Facts about your air-conditioning system

* Foul smells may be caused by bacteria: As the vehicle ages or when the air conditioning in Fargo ND is not operated frequently, bacteria, mold and fungus can begin forming behind the dash on the evaporator. This growth results in some very unpleasant odors. There are reasons to believe that this build up causes headache and flu-like symptoms. The solution is to treat the area with anti-bacterial material, which will kill the growth, leaving the car smelling fresh.

* Time to recharge: If the car interior does not feel like it is as cold as it once was, the system may need the refrigerant topped up. This is not something that can be done at home as specialized equipment is required. On average, a typical car will lose about 15% of the refrigerant annually through normal leakage. After a couple of years, the performance will be greatly depreciated. The solution is to visit an air conditioning service technician; have the system checked for leaks and the gas refilled.

* Strange noises: When the air conditioner begins to fail it will start making noises that you will not hear when it’s functioning well. Some of these noises are symptomatic of compressor failure about to take place. The compressor is the most expensive component of the system, if it seizes up, then metal shards can get into other critical components causing system-wide failure. Any strange noises should be investigated immediately, if it is left too long the repair bill could be bigger than necessary.

* Excess moisture: Don’t be concerned when water drips from under the car, this is normal. The water is coming from the evaporator which has a drain tube which allows the water that builds up in the evaporator to drain off. If the tube becomes blocked you may see excessive moisture in the interior, perhaps a wet carpet. This is a problem that can quickly and inexpensively be solved.

Annual servicing of the car air conditioning in Fargo ND will help to keep it running at peak performance and should any problems be spotted; they can be rectified while still inexpensive.

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