Extend The Bed On Your Dodge Mega Cab In California

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Automobile

Do you ever wish that the back of your truck had more room? If you work for a lawn company you surely want to be able to bring all of your tools on the first trip. But how can you get this extra room you desire? The answer is simple, you can have the bed of your truck extended! This will give you the space you need to store all of your equipment without having to buy an entirely new vehicle. This process is normally done on Dodge Mega Cab trucks by Precision Bodyline, a shop where you can customize vehicles. They have a patent pending process to extend your Dodge Mega Cab truck bed, so do not be fooled by imitators.

Precision Bodyline is able to customize your truck in many ways if you are looking to enhance your ride. They have customized over 500 Dodge Mega Cabs in California. One customer reported that after having his truck bed extended he actually gets better gas mileage on the highway! This is exciting news, especially if you do a lot of driving in your truck. Gas prices are constantly on the rise so taking every step to stay ahead of the game can save you money in the long run.

The process involves taking a very sturdy piece of metal (which is actually stronger than the stock frame) and welding it into your truck frame. The rear line drive is the only part of the truck that is modified, therefore it is the only part of the truck that is void of the manufacturer warranty. This steel addition will give you the space you need in your truck bed without jeopardizing the safety of the vehicle. The entire extension process can be completed at one of their shops. There is no need to bounce around to several locations just to get the job done right. Remember to keep Precision Bodyline in mind when you are looking to get truck bed extensions on Dodge Mega Cabs in California. There is no need to waste gas and make several trips just because you do not have the space you need. With a little extra room in the back you can reduce your travel time and increase your work time!

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