DIY Guide to Installing Custom Rims

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Automobile

Car rims are a fun way to personalize any kind of vehicle, especially if you purchase quality materials and products to work with such as Mercedes rims. Although it is possible to pay a mechanic to install your rims, you can easily install your own with little or no cost. If you are the creative type and enjoy making frugal decisions, then you may want to install your very own custom rims. For a brief guide, take a look at the information below. You may be surprised by how easy the process is after considering the information presented.

Before you start pulling things off of your vehicle, you should first set up an appropriate work environment. Move to a place where you will not be distracted. Set out your tools: a jack, various socket wrenches in the appropriate sizes, and a crowbar. Wear clothes that you are not afraid to get messy in.

Starting the Process
Using a simple wheel jack, or even a hydraulic lift, lift your tires as you work. Before taking off the old rims, let all of the air out of each tire. This gives you the opportunity to work without being limited by tire space while ensuring that you can easily pry off the unwanted rims.

Take your time and loosen the bolts that are currently keeping the car rim in place. Use a socket wrench to perform this process, and make sure that you are using the correctly sized wrench. Using the wrong wrench size will quickly leave you frustrated and ready to give up. A word to the wise: place removed bolts in one location such as a jar or tray so that you can find them later. Without the bolts, you can hardly install new Mercedes rims or any other kind of speciality rim.

Remove the Old Rim
Ready to get rid of the old “boring” rims? Great. Grab your trusty crowbar and start prying off small sections of each rim at a time. By removing the rims one side at a time, you may avoid any potential damages.

Now comes the exciting part: installing the new wheel rims. Use your socket wrench to attach the new rims. If you buy Mercedes rims you can use the original bolts or simply use the new ones sent with the rims themselves. This step ought to flow smoothly, especially since you have prior experience with removing bolts.

Finish Up
Simply re-inflate all four of your car tires. After lowering your car to the ground and removing the jack, feel free to take it out for a test drive. Choose an area in which you can drive slowly and “feel” whether or not your car is running smoothly after the alterations.

There you have it – you have successfully installed your own custom rims. If you experience any difficulty with your vehicle after installing the rims, you should probably consult a mechanic for safety. However, since most people are able to install rims without any glitches, consulting a mechanic is a last resort act. What are you waiting for? Take your car out for a spin and enjoy the new look.

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