Companies in the Wichita, KS Area Provide Semi Truck Repair and Service Parts

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Auto Parts

In 2013 5.6 million tractor trailer trucks were on the road with each driving 65,000 miles on average in 2013. Seventy percent of all freight shipped in America travels by 15.5 million trucks. This is according to the JD Factor Law Firm. The volume of parts required to service the 15 brands of trucks is staggering.

The semi truck repair companies are ideally situated in Kansas to serve customers with most of the parts they would need. They also make difficult repairs to trucks with their extensive resource base of truck repair technicians. The companies can ship a part anywhere and get the part there very quickly. The number of trucks on the road is increasing and the need for repair parts will increase. In 2002, 2 million tractor trailer trucks were on the road. A growth of 3.6 million tractor trucks on the road in 2013.

The number of cargo trucks, cement trucks, and local haul trucks are increasing in number, and the service parts can be supplied by the part companies in the area. This fact will ensure trucks can keep operating with very little down time. When the truck is not moving, neither is the cash moving into the driver’s bank account. A well-stocked repair shop with highly qualified technicians will provide expedited service to the trucking companies and individual owners.

Drivers are very savvy about when it is time to have routine maintenance performed on the tractor. They can schedule the maintenance with a semi truck maintenance branch of a repair facility and be back on the road quickly. While the tractor is in the service bay, technicians can inspect it for any other problems which have not yet surfaced. The winter weather causes problems on tractors. The front axle and spindles need to be checked also.

The trailer should be inspected to ensure the brakes are in good shape because the brake repair parts are available in the same facility. The hydraulic system may need repair because road salt may have begun to deteriorate the hoses. The inner tires should be checked for the correct alignment. The rear cast wheel 5 spoke should be examined to make sure the rims are in alignment and the bearings are in good shape.

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