Collision Repair Lubbock Specialists Provide Quality Dent Removal and Body Restoration Services for Damaged Vehicles

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Automotive

Collision repair Lubbock technicians are auto body mechanics who specialize in the repair of vehicles damaged in accidents. They perform everything from small jobs such as smoothing impurities and bumping out dents to complete overhauls. Major body work often involves replacing and fabricating entire body panels. The majority of collision repair technicians work for large establishments or small private repair shops. However, some choose to operate their own body shop repair service.

Professional Accident Repair
Body shop technicians use many different tools and techniques in their profession. Depending on the job being performed, they might need to shape, level, smooth or hammer auto body parts. Dented areas that cannot be hammered are filled with special putty repeatedly applied and then sanded in order to achieve a desired shape. When fenders and doors are damaged severely or sustain heavy rust, the technician will fabricate new pieces from raw materials. Sometimes the repair shop will order brand-new factory parts when the vehicle requires it.

Expert Body Repair
Qualified and certified technicians take careful measurements in order to cut precise templates. They weld and rivet metal sheets into place before sanding down rough edges. A warped frame may require additional metal work to ensure proper stability and alignment. When everything is in proper shape, the automobile is sent to a paint area to finish the job. An expert collision repair Lubbock body shop can transform substantially damaged vehicles into those which appear brand new.

Additional Mechanical Work
Many technicians that work in the automotive body repair industry can handle many other basic mechanical tasks. Some of the more common include repairing and inspecting brakes, steering columns, electrical lines and fuel systems. Additionally, most are trained to temper, seal or replace windshields that have been destroyed in an accident. Having the ability to perform other repairs is often necessary to restore the vehicle completely. This also shortens the time the client is without transportation.

Repair Technician Requirements
To be a professional body repair technician can vary between employers. Most entry-level jobs are offered to those with high school diplomas and experience repairing cars. However, the best opportunities are those that have post secondary training. Vocational schools offer intensive hands-on courses for future technicians. When an individual becomes employed by a body shop, they usually work as an apprentice alongside established and experienced repair specialists. Many go on to work as shop supervisors and master technicians with continuing education.



We offer a complete automotive body and collision repair service in Lubbock by trained workers. Whether your vehicle is imported or domestic, we can restore it to factory condition.



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