Choosing Whether to Use a Private Mechanic or a Dealership for Repairs

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Used car

When you purchase a BMW near Charlotte, NC, you will at some point have to pay for repairs. Cars are notorious for breaking down at the most inconvenient times. When it comes time for repairs you can choose to take your car to the dealership or a private mechanic. While some car buyers argue that dealerships are overpriced, there are many benefits to using a dealer’s mechanic over a private mechanic.

Benefits of Using a Dealership for Repairs

After you purchased your BMW near Charlotte, NC, you drove off the lot happy and excited. That bubble bursts the first time you need repairs. While dealerships often do have higher costs than private mechanics, it’s the only place where you can take advantage of repair warranties, and the body shop usually has all of the parts needed for quick repairs.

The dealer will also have your car’s history on file, allowing the mechanic to see what’s been worked on recently. Using a mechanic that specializes in BMW near Charlotte, NC means that your repairs should happen within a short timeframe by a person who has dealt with the same issues time and again on other BMW vehicles.

Using a Private Mechanic

If you opt for a private mechanic to save money, remember that it will void any warranty you received when you purchased your vehicle. The mechanic may also need to order parts, which will cause a delay in how quickly you get your car returned to you.

If you’ve taken your car to the dealership and they can’t figure out what’s wrong, then using a private mechanic for a second opinion is a good idea. Unless the mechanic actually works on the car it shouldn’t void your warranty. While the choice is ultimately yours, there are many benefits to taking your car to a BMW near Charlotte, NC dealership for repairs.

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