Choosing the right winter tires in Schenectady NY

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Tires

Winter tires, more commonly known as snow tires, are used to give vehicles extra traction in snow and ice. There are all-season tires, however they are generally not considered to be as beneficial as tires made specifically for the cold and snowy winter months. For those that live in a colder climate, it is important that the right tires are used for their vehicle. A simple checklist can help determine the route to the best winter tires in Schenectady NY.

Snow tires have bigger tread patterns than do “normal” tires. The rubber is also softer which allows for more flexibility, as it does not become brittle in cold weather. These factors all work together so the tire to better conform to the road during the winter months. A good grip not only helps to keep the vehicle from getting stuck but also gives the driver more control in slippery and snowy conditions. Some drivers may choose to put all-weather tires on their vehicle, thinking this tire will give them the protection they need in severe weather. All-weather tires are not recommended for winter conditions simply because they are designed for all sorts of conditions including dry roads and rain. They will not give as much control as winter tires will. Do not be tempted to leave snow tires on all year. Due to the fact that these tires are made from a softer compound, they tend to wear out faster especially if driven during hot months. The best course of action is to have a set of tires just for the winter months, and another set for the rest of the year.

To change out your winter tires in Schenectady NY, just stop by Grand Premier Tire. In addition to winter tires they also offer installation and rotation services. When it comes to driving safely in icy and snowy conditions, snow tires should be a number one concern. They will grip the roads so the driver maintains as much control over the vehicle as possible. When the warmer months come around again, simply take the vehicle back to Grand Premier Tire and they will change the tires back to ones appropriate for warm weather.

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