Buying Used Autos in Harrisburg PA

by | May 8, 2013 | Automotive

When families decide to buy a second car, they often opt for used autos in Harrisburg PA. Used cars can save you a lot of money, because you are not paying high sticker prices for a new model. If you buy a new car, depreciation sets in mere moments after driving off the car lot. This is when a new vehicle loses hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value when you drive it away. The loss could be as much as 20 percent of the initial value of the car, and the amount depends on a number of factors such as vehicle popularity, satisfaction ratings and approximate maintenance costs for a year. Financially, it is wise to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

Many years ago it was considered risky to buy a used car. However, used autos have improved in quality to such an extent that they will run for many years to come. Consider the fact that an auto’s lifespan is approximately 15 years, and most vehicles are traded in at the age of four years. This leaves ten or more years of life in the car which is a very good deal indeed. Twenty or thirty years ago used cars were not regarded as being reliable at all, but that is simply not the case today due to improved construction standards.

In addition to avoiding depreciation, there are many more good reasons to buy used autos Harrisburg PA. It is a great way to obtain a fully equipped vehicle that you could not afford brand new. You may be able to afford a Ferrari like Magnum P.I. used to drive or an Aston Martin like James Bond drives if you buy it used. Furthermore, it is known that people who buy high end cars brand new usually take immaculate care of their vehicles. This means your used purchase will have been well maintained over the years it was owned by another.

Another perk for purchasing a pre-owned car is that the insurance will be less. A new car has a higher value, so the cost to repair or replace it is higher which makes the insurance higher. Before buying a used auto, you should have a mechanic check it out who can check for damage from an accident or flooding. You also should get a vehicle history report to see if it was ever salvaged or recalled.

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