Buying Chev Wheels – Aluminium Alloy, Spoke or Standard?

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Automobile

Did you know that since 1912, more than 200 million cars have been produced by the brand Chevrolet? This company sells vehicles in over 140 countries worldwide and one Chevrolet car is purchased every 6.5 seconds! If you are the proud owner of a Chev and want to enhance its appearance with new rims, why not browse new Chev wheels? As the fourth most successful car brand, you can guarantee that you will be paying for quality when you get aluminium alloy, spoke or standard wheels fitted. If you’re not sure which wheels to choose, read on.

The Benefits of Alloy

When you visit a supplier of Chev wheels you will notice that the majority of the selection will be alloy wheels. Alloy is usually made with a metal like aluminium, which despite its light weight, is surprisingly enduring. The fact that it doesn’t weigh much means that there is less pull on the car, and so handling will improve once the wheels have been fitted. Usually, alloy wheels will be more expensive than competitor wheels like steel, but have a better weight-to-strength ratio. They suit a broad range of different uses and look great on any vehicle, whether it’s a car or pick-up truck.

The Benefits of Spoke

When a motorist considers getting spoke Chev wheels for their car, they will normally deliberate between spoke and cast iron. It’s not surprising that cast iron is its competitor because it is cheaper, it will not warp easily and it can minimise vibrations while driving. Additionally, cast iron can be maintained to last for 10 years or longer. However, spoke wheels will give the vehicle a much more luxurious appearance and won’t get damaged easily if you fancy a spot of off-roading.

The Benefits of Standard

An alternative option to alloy and spoke wheels are standard wheels. Perhaps the most cost-effective option, there are fewer types of standard wheels to choose from. Basic in appearance, these wheels will fit most tyres and will be crafted with one piece of metal. Although standard rims are not as eye-catching as some other options, they will work well when driven over smooth, rough and sloping terrain. Stainless steel is the metal of choice, because it resists corrosion in all kinds of conditions. It’s not just Chev wheels you can buy from Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supermart but also, classic and custom wheels. To search by brand and vehicle type, check out the website.

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