Auto Repair in Tulsa: Common Reasons the Check Engine Light comes On

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Automotive

The role of the catalytic converter is to convert the dangerous exhaust fumes that are emitted from your vehicle into emissions that are less harmful. If a problem arises with this part of your vehicle, then the check engine light will likely appear. This will be one of the most expensive types of Auto Repair in Tulsa you will have to have done in relation to the check engine light.

An Ignition Coil that is Faulty

This is the part of your vehicle that is necessary to ensure your vehicle’s engine will start. The ignition coil is subject to a number of different types of wear and tear as days pass, but its entire life can be reduced when it has to operate under extreme temperatures.

The check engine light in your vehicle often creates fears of huge Auto Repair in Tulsa bulls and repairs that are labor intensive. However, the fact is that this may not be the situation. There are a wide array of reasons that your check engine light may come on, with some being simple fixes. The key is to have the issue evaluated right after the check engine light appears, which will help prevent the problem from becoming worse. Some of the most common signs that the check engine light will come on are highlighted here.

A Mass Air Flow Sensor that has Gone Bad

This is the part of your vehicle responsible for monitoring the air that is coming in and calculating the amount of gas to mix with it so that the engine will be able to run properly. If the sensor begins to malfunction, then the check engine light is likely going to turn on. In most cases, this will be an inexpensive repair, but one you should take care of as it will eventually lead to poor fuel efficiency.

When you know the common reasons that your check engine light may come on, you will know what to look for and can contact Tateboys Tires & Services in a timely manner. You can also ensure an otherwise costly mistake will be fixed before it becomes worse. Keeping your vehicle in top running condition involves not ignoring even seemingly small issues.

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