Auto Parts Phoenix Q&A

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Finding auto parts Phoenix can be difficult if you are looking for a high volume of parts on a regular basis. Look to the web for an introduction to salvage yards and auto parts junk yards that can supply you with these parts consistently.

Q: How do I find an auto parts salvage yard online?

A: Search for a salvage yard in your area first. This gives you the opportunity to do business locally. If you have tried this route and haven’t found success, it’s now time to look online for auto parts junk yards throughout the country. It has become the norm to ship auto parts Phoenix in order to get the parts you need.

Q: Is it easy to buy parts online?

A: Most salvage yards are small businesses. Some have a few locations in one city, but seldom do you find a salvage yard with a complete list of inventory. Their inventory moves too fast to do this, which is why most do not keep computer records of what’s in stock. It is easy to buy parts online, but plan on regularly calling or emailing with the salvage yard. This will give you the most current stock available and you can plan your purchase accordingly.

Q: How do I get the parts?

A: The salvage yard will ship you the parts you need. There are no discounts on shipping costs. You may get a better rate for auto parts if you are buying in bulk. You may also get a better rate if you’re buying from a mid-size to large salvage yard that has many customers, which can drive costs down. Prices for parts depends greatly on the demand for the individual part, plus the make and model. The condition of the part also matters. Salvage yards can ship any number of parts, from a single part to large orders delivered by freight.

Q: I am buying parts from a salvage yard consistently. Can I ask for a discount?

A: You can ask for a discount, but as with all other things remain tactful and polite. Never expect a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask for one. Once you have done business repeatedly with the same source, you can ask for a discount on a large order you place. Do not count on this discount becoming a regular thing. Most salvage yards cannot afford to extend a discount on a regular basis, even for repeat customers.

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