An Easy Call: Buy a New Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas or Get a Bed Extension?

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Automotive

What changed in the last six months to make a truck bed go from a good size to a size too small? Some people decide they want to travel the country, something that requires just a little extra storage in the back. Others have started a small business. They may need to transfer lawn maintenance equipment or general construction equipment to a variety of locales. Everything could not fit in the truck bed before. But, after adding a lawnmower, it all just seems a little too tight. Precision Bodyline is one of the few companies offering large truck bed expansions in the country. The whole integration takes about a week. If the truck bed is too small for a new change in life, it seems like a no-brainer to get it extended to the right size for their Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas.

A bad move would be to sell the truck and buy a new one entirely. Though many people decide to do this, it is hard to fathom why. With this method, the owner has to transfer their title and tag. They also got to deal with switching over the insurance, which can make the cost change. It is all a bit too much red tape for most people to want to deal with. Who wants to go to the DMV in the first place?

A bed extension for a Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas could be just the thing to avoid all that annoying red tape and to get the truck bed the size it needs to be. It is also a customized car renovation. Truck owners can add new esthetics to the ride as they get the traditional bed extension. For example, they can add a lift to the back of the truck to make it suitable for certain business-related tasks. Lowering kits would be great for heavy machinery and other kinds of tests that require bulky items. Fender flares can also be added to fit state law. After getting fitted with a truck bed extension, the law may require the car to have fender flares on the sides. This is to make it safe on the road, as well as more practical.

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