4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Bike Repair in Marana

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Automotive

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Marana, you can reduce the overall costs of owning a bike by learning how to save money on motorcycle repair. With some easy preventative measures, a little know-how and a good mechanic, you can dramatically reduce your yearly repair costs. Here are a few smart ways to keep your motorcycle in top-notch shape and save money on Bike Repair in Marana.

Practice Good Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to save money on bike repair is to do everything you can to keep your motorcycle in good condition. Changing your bike’s oil regularly is at the top of the list. Refer to your motorcycle’s manual to learn how often you should perform an oil change. Other things to keep an eye on include tire and break wear, fluid leaks and loose connections or corrosion on the battery. You should also lubricate your bike’s chain often, especially if you ride it every day.

Store Your Bike Properly in the Winter

An exposed bike in cold weather can lead to all sorts of mechanical issues that can lead to unnecessary Bike Repair in Marana. During the cooler months, make sure to store your bike somewhere that it’s protected from the elements like a shed or garage. If you must store your bike outdoors, invest in a thick, high-quality tarp to keep it dry and warm. If you leave your bike exposed, you could be putting it at risk for rust, fuel line damage and battery corrosion.

Schedule a Yearly Tune-Up

If you want to keep your bike in great shape, a yearly tune-up is essential. Ideally, the job should be done by a professional who specializes in bike repair. They’re trained to spot common motorcycle problems before they become severe enough to warrant expensive repairs. In the Marana area, visit Musselmanhonda.com to schedule an affordable tune-up by an experienced professional.

Learn Basic Fix-Its

You can save hundreds of dollars on bike repair each year by learning how to do some basic bike maintenance and repair yourself. While complicated jobs are best left to the professionals, relatively simple fix-its like changing your oil or replacing your brake linings are easy do-it-yourself jobs if you’re relatively handy.

The best way to save money on motorcycle repair is to practice preventative measures. Treat you bike with the respect it deserves to avoid out-of-control repair costs.



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