Electric vehicles are those vehicles which use electric motors for driving force. These vehicles are also known as electric drive vehicles. There are many different types of Electric Vehicles such as: electric cars, electric bikes and scooters, electric trains, electric boats, electric aircrafts and even electric spacecrafts. These vehicles were first used in the middle of the 19th century. Electricity is the source of energy for these vehicles so they emit no smoke ads there is no combustion happening at all. In recent years this has become a very popular type of vehicle because of its environment-friendly nature of working. Once the energy is generated these vehicles get them by using overhead lines or energy transfer by wireless technology such as using induction technique.Environment Friendly Electric Vehicles

The electricity needed to charge the Electric Vehicles come from the sources which use traditional fuel such as coal or gas and produce carbon dioxide (CO2) also. But the CO2 produced is much lesser as compared to vehicles that use conventional fuels directly. There is very less noise created by the Electric Vehicles so you can use them without creating any kind of noise pollution. Therefore, it should be no surprise that these vehicles have been considered as true friends of environment and people are even encouraged to use them.

Electric Cars- One of the Popular Electric Vehicles

The most popular Electric Vehicle of the recent time is the Electric Car. These cars have the same outward appearance as the gasoline-driven cars. In such cars, the electric motors replace the gasoline engine. It is the computerized controller provides power to the electric motor. There are rechargeable batteries which are the source of power for the controller. The batteries used in these vehicles can be used as long as the charge is full. The maintenance is easy and these vehicles can also be serviced easily.