The Risks Associated With Delaying an Oil Change in Broken Arrow

At times, it seems as if the need for an oil change occurs when the owner has other matters that appear to be more pressing. This makes it very easy to put off the Oil Change in Broken Arrow for a few days. Unless the owner is careful, that few days can turn into a few weeks, and maybe even a month or two. The problem is that the delay is actually causing a great deal of harm to the vehicle. Here are some of the risks that come along with choosing to delay an oil and filter change.

Less Effective Lubrication

One of the main reasons for an Oil Change in Broken Arrow is to replace oil that is no longer providing adequate lubrication for the engine parts. When this happens, the product is not capable of providing the lubrication that helps to reduce wear and tear on certain parts of the engine. By choosing to put off the oil and filter change, the car owner is basically speeding up the time it will take for those parts to wear out. That, in turn, means having to pay for expensive repairs more frequently and sooner than would be required if the oil was changed in a timely manner.

The Creation of Sludge

One of the things that happen with oil as it breaks down is that it creates what is known as sludge. Sludge is thick matter that can begin to clog pickup screens in oil pumps and collect in the passageways that normally carry the oil to different components. The result is that oil pressure begins to drop, and less oil actually gets to those parts. This will hasten the breakdown of the engine considerably.

Unstable Viscosity

Viscosity refers to the thickness of the oil. As the product breaks down, the oil is likely to become so thin that it cannot provide the protection needed to keep the engine running smoothly. As a result, the engine is likely to overheat even as the parts sustain more wear and tear. If the oil change is delayed long enough, it could result in the need to replace the entire engine.

Click here to find additional information about why an oil change is a good idea. Don’t put off having the oil changed. This one simple act of maintenance does more than most people think.

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