Looking for Great Auto Detailing in Baltimore?

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Automotive

Are you familiar with Auto Detailing in Baltimore? Detailing is the process of giving a vehicle a complete cleaning, polishing and waxing inside and out so that the car could enter a car show looking brand new! Detailing can bring the shine back to your car’s paintwork, wheels, windows, chrome, and all other exterior visible components. Other services of a detailer include car scratch removal, auto polishing and buffing, interior cleaning, ozone odor removal, paintless dent removal, bug and tar removal, cleaning of your engine, and a whole lot more.

Diamond Detail, Inc. is a good company for Auto Detailing in Baltimore. They have been in business since 2001 and are known for quality detailing and great service. The staff has certification in car detailing and years of experience so that you can expect a superior detailing experience. They offer four packages designed to meet the needs of every customer. The Express Detail is the lowest cost and the service includes a thorough exterior hand wash and dry and application of premium tire dressing. Other packages include Express Wax Detail, Deluxe Detail, and Full Service Detail, and the number of services is increased with each package. For example, with the Full Service Detail you have your carpets, floor mats, and seats shampooed, steam cleaned, and deodorized which is not included in the other packages.

You can also order individual services to customize your detailing job. For example, you can order leather conditioning only or engine clean only. Engine detailing makes use of high pressure water, steam, degreasers and all-purpose cleaners. This is actually a rather delicate process since there are electronics inside the engine compartment that need to be protected from water damage, chemicals and pressure. Other areas need to be covered such as the air intake, the alternator, and exposed filters. Diamond Detail only uses top quality chemicals and compounds along with high end equipment so that you auto is fully protected.

Auto Detailing in Baltimore by Diamond Detail, Inc. will do such a good job on your vehicle that you will think that you are driving a new car. They will also take care of your RV, your motorcycle, and even your boat! Check out the website for more information.

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