When to Get a Tune-Up

Just because you might be experiencing a bit of trouble with your automobile does not necessarily mean that it is broken. The solution to the problem is often relatively simple, while the true threat may lie in the fact that the issue is at risk of exacerbation if left unchecked for a lengthy period of time. If your goal is to avoid having to put money toward full-fledged auto repair services, it would be in your best interest to make sure that your vehicle receives frequent tune-ups and preventive maintenance at your chosen auto repair shop Shoreline is a wonderful place to look for trained professionals who excel in this area. With that said, how can you be sure that your car needs a tune-up in the first place?

Below are a few warning signs that may point toward the need for a thorough examination.

Ignition Knock

Many people report that when accelerating or climbing, they hear a distinctive knock emanating from the ignition. Most technicians who work at auto repair shops in Shoreline caution drivers to have their vehicles tuned up as soon as they experience this sort of problem. It is important to do so even if you have a car that has been built to sense and correct knocks, because these automobiles still cannot fix serious, performance-threatening malfunctions.

Exhaust Odor

Almost everyone with some level of experience with cars has either encountered the smell of exhaust or come in contact with someone who has. The odor is typically described as smelling something like rotten eggs, due to properties put in place to alert the driver that there is something wrong. If you can smell exhaust, it is an incontrovertible sign that something needs to be done about your vehicle’s ability to function. Luckily, the issue can typically be handled with swiftness and ease if identified early on. What you do not want to do is to let it continue until it is too late.

Power Loss

Loss of power is something that happens very often in automobiles of all types, which is why it is so important to let a technician at your auto repair shop in Shoreline know about it the moment it happens. The thing to remember about power loss is that there are a multitude of things that can cause it. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing the filter, but other times there is more to it than that. Because of this, your best bet is to have an expert run a diagnostic. This way, you can identify the root of the malfunction and work on fixing it.

There are many signs pointing toward the need to visit an auto repair shop in Shoreline. Honest Auto Service offers comprehensive tune-ups for vehicles that need to be fixed up a bit but do not require extensive maintenance.

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