Time to Call the Auto Salvage Yard in New Haven CT

There are some cars that run a lifetime. But then there are others where it is often better to call it quits than it is to fix it even for the sentimental value that they bring. When it is time to depart with a car, one of the best ways is to salvage it. Not only are you recycling some of the car parts, it is a relatively easy way to get rid of the car. If your car is showing one of these signs, then it is definitely time to salvage.

Holes in the floorboard are a safety hazard. They are also a sign that the metal of the car is under significant stress from a variety of factors. Unless it is a very rare and valuable car, the cost to replace the metal is often more than the car is worth. The labor involved in removing the rusted through sections can be astronomical. So in this case, it is often better to call the auto salvage yard in New Haven CT rather than try and put temporary patches over the rusted through parts.

Another big issue that can doom a car is the engine. In many cases, replacing or retooling the engine costs more than the car is worth. Factor in the labor costs and it often makes more financial sense to purchase a car whose engine is intact. The good news is that the body of the car and whatever wasn’t destroyed can still be salvaged. If the car’s engine is destroyed, you should inquire about the costs of towing it with the salvage yard.

A rusted out exhaust system is another reason to consider a call to the auto salvage yard in New Haven CT. In many cases, the car spews too many noxious gases to pass any type of environmental tests. The noise of that the car makes is testimony to the fact that it needs major help. Replacing an entire exhaust system isn’t cheap.

There are times when it is better to contact the salvage yard than it is to try and fix a car on its deathbed. Unless the car is rare or valuable, there is no good reason to save it from the salvage yard.

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