Best Wheel Picks for your Classic Chevy

The word “Chevy” often inspires a feeling of nostalgia and awe. Chevrolet, the automobile division of General Motors, the American company is best known for producing some of the most popular cars in history, which are better known worldwide as “Chevy” or “Chev.”

The company was started in late 1911 by Louis Chevrolet, a race car driver and automobile engineer, along with William C. Durant. The first Chevrolet, Series C Classic Six, was introduced in 1913.

The History that is Chevrolet

In the 100 years that followed, Chevrolet has become a household name worldwide and commands a cult-like following even today, for its classic models. With around 200 car models offered in a span of 100 years, Chevrolet remains an icon in the automobile industry. Probably, the best Chevys to have run on the roads and increasing many a heartbeat would be the Bel Air, Corvette, Impala, Camaro and Suburban. There may be other collectible models, but these would surely top the charts for many a collector.

Chevy Wheels

There are many manufacturers who understand the requirements of the car collector or an auto enthusiast. These manufacturers provide spares and fitments for a range of different cars. Wheels are like a signature of a car. They exemplify the persona of a vehicle. If correctly picked, they convey a strong message to the onlooker and give the car a distinctive look and feel. There are more than a 100 small and big wheel manufacturing companies which also cater to the classic car market.

The best Chevy wheel sizes for classic Chevys are the 14 or 15 inch ones, because those were the sizes on the original cars; though it is possible to fit in larger sizes using some science and a bit of ingenuity. The 5-spoke design remains the most popular and sensible design. There are innumerable variants of this basic version that designers can come up with. Manufacturers like American Racing, Vintage Wheels and Billet Specialities produce a huge variety of Chevy wheels to fit your classic beauty.

Choose your Chevy Wheels Wisely

It is necessary to choose wheels wisely. Race wheels may look slick but their usability is highly limited on a car which drives a lot on city road, with its potholes and other obstacles. It is imperative to choose the correct compromise between weight and strength. Wheels come with a variety of coatings to give that retro look. These coatings could be chrome on aluminium, painted, machined, PVD and chrome on steel. These coatings need to be taken care of so that they will remain new for a long time. Usually, mild soap and water does the job.

Your One-Stop Solution for Wheels and Tyres Needs

We have a select collection of the best looking Chevy wheels. Choose from wide range of wheels from a 5-spoked Classic Chrome to a 10-spoked Superlite. With over 3 decades of unparalleled service to the Australian market, we are your one-stop shop for your entire tyre and wheel support. We stock wheels from the best and the hottest brands. So if you are looking for a set of wheels for your classic Chevy, look no further – come to Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.

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